The World of Android Wearable Development and its Biggest Winners

Android Wear is now certainly the biggest authority on wearable devices. It is Googles smartwatch operating system with a first dedicated smartwatch OS and the main competitor to Apple Watch. It was launched since 2014 and soon it is going to get a big update bringing a number of improvements.

Android Wear is based on the Linux kernel and will need the latest version of Android Studio to produce new apps for compatibility with wearables. Android apps in this respect are designed for smaller screens of a smartwatch and other gadgets. It also means that your wearable experience will be the same, no matter what smartwatch you decide to slap on your wrist.

How does Android Wearable work?

Android Wearables, focus on time notifications, health assessment and also on call notifications. You get some pre-selected watch faces to choose from, too. It is just a matter of pressing and holding the display to scroll through them. So far, notifications play a big part of the Android Wear experience as you get all incoming texts, WhatsApp messages, emails and more, once connected with a smartphone.

The Android Wear experience

By swiping the card-based menu system, you get to view the weather report through your calendar. Sliding to the right, one can dismiss the notifications, but swiping left will reveal different options for each app.

Even through the categories, you get to see the option to open up relevant apps on your phone for more info. Using smart gestures, one can navigate notifications quickly.

Just like the feature in Google Glass, a great deal of Android Wear experience is driven by saying, “Ok Google,” followed by certain instructions. All Android Wear watches are active as soon as you lift your arm and are ready for instructions. To dictate messages, you will have to enable contact recognition features through your smartphones security settings.

General Android Wearables

  • All Android wearables feature GPS support for the platform.
  • Features offline music syncing feature that will let you listen to your tunes without your smartphone, using Bluetooth headphones.
  • It is built with always-on app feature and the gesture controls along with Wi-Fi connectivity and emoji.
  • It has an interactive feature of watch faces and watch-to-watch communications using Googles Together app.
  • Features new audio feedback feature that reads the time and notification cards, including actions.
  • It has hidden features too including running web browsers on your wrist to having a mini-launcher installed on your smartwatch.

Android Wear interface

The Android Wear interface is quite different from the other platforms, as it is built for much smaller devices and designed with hands-free use in mind. With Android Wear, the OEM have restricted freedom, so you get to see smartwatches running on operating system with the same software look and layout. Some of the phones handiest features can be accessed on the wrist itself.

Android Wear Voice Recognition

One can even use voice commands to interact with Android Wear. Android Wearables Development helps smartwatches to respond to simple voice commands, navigate to a place or set the alarm. It also does a good job of sending texts and emails.

Android Wear smartwatches based on their attributes

  • Best Android Wear smartwatch - Huawei WatchThe slickest looking Android Wear smartwatch plays nicely with the new Mode interchangeable bands and can run on Wear 2.0, it is now priced at $399.
  • Best Samsung smartphone users - Samsung Gear S3Ranging at just $349 Samsung Gear S2 is attracting its clients with its rotating bezel and sporty looking design. It is packed with a duo of sequels in the form of the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. The specialty of this watch is that you can control the fan, temperature zones just by twisting the bezel. Enabled with a larger battery, it has features that majority of smartwatches can muster just like that.
  • Best budget smartwatch - Sony SmartWatch 3As per the title, it is a good choice for budget lovers at only $159, with excellent features of built-in GPS connectivity, the sports styling makes it perfect for a weekend jog, adding a touch of class to the smartwatch.
  • Best smartwatch for sports - Garmin Vivoactive HRHaving a 24/7 activity tracking and support, Garmin Vivoactive monitors your HR continuously and gives accurate indications of calorie burn. It is installed with a GPS and dedicated apps for all types of sports that include cycling, swimming, skiing and paddle boarding too. You can buy this for $249.
  • Best for battery life - Vector WatchWith having a battery life of around 30 days from a single charge, it is a competent smartwatch with notifications and fitness tracking placed around the watch face. Sold at $205, it comes with a low aesthetic and clean finish.
  • Best for geeks - Pebble 2With an affordable price of $99 and an impressive seven-day battery life, the Pebble operating system has come a long way since with thousands of more apps under its belt.
  • Best fitness tracker - Fitbit Charge 2With a heart rate and complete tracking minus GPS, it is the best fitness tracker for health enthusiasts.
  • Best GPS running watch - Garmin Forerunner 235A must in the list for serious runners, who are in looking for an all-in-one running watch and fitness tracker, can buy this Forerunner 235.


With a number of Android wearables in the market, Android wearable development is in full swing. Android wearable developers can develop apps for the devices with different attributes, leveraging the hardware for better features.

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