The Biggest Changes in Apple Watch OS 3 that Drive Innovation

Apple brand is pushing its Watch for a significant change for the wearable platform, giving it a complete revamp with fresh features.

With the latest watchOS 3 out of beta and available for everyone as a free update. You have a range of watch faces and new features including a major speed boost, new apps and much more. Released to public on Tuesday, September 13. WatchOS 3 is a significant update to the operating system with impressive performance improvements. It works on iOS 10, which was also released on September 13.

This watch is the highly-anticipated refresh to your existing iPhone-compatible smartwatch and is still able to deliver a handful of additional features, making it the world’s most loved smartwatch.

The newest features

New Dock

It has a new Dock that can hold up to 10 apps which are stored in memory and launch much faster making it easier to access. All the apps are saved to the dock and are kept up to date launching it instantly, thus cutting down on app loading times. The Dock can be accessed via the side button a much better use of it than accessing your friends list. It is meant as a shortcut to your favorite apps.

Steps to manage the dock -

  • Long press on an app to rearrange the order.
  • Swipe up watch screen and select remove to get rid of an app.
  • Edit and arrange apps available in the dock through apps.


A new feature called Scribble can write your text responses thus allowing you to write a single letter on your watch and the watch will figure it out building into a word. Almost all of the social features are available in Messages.

Embedded with iOS 10 features like sticker packs and app effects, Emoji’s are also larger in watchOS 3. Ways to respond to any of your messages have changed as you will have to use your finger to write each letter. Even you can work in many different languages too.

Auto Unlock Your Mac with Apple Watch

Auto Unlock is a brilliant feature enabled in Apple watch that intelligently replaces your Mac password. It requires new hardware of MacOS Sierra and works like pure magic thus letting you get to work without worrying about your password.

Activity sharing

Apple Watch OS3 allows the owners to share their activity directly with their friends with the new activity based smart replies. Now you can see up to five different workout metrics related with distance, heart rate, pace, active calories and elapsed time all at once on a single screen. You can send a message with running details attached to show your workout and communicate with friends and family over activity achievements.  There are settings in the Activity app that customizes workouts for Wheelchair users contributing to all-day calorie goals and even receive ‘Time to roll!’ reminders in place of Stand reminders.

The daily deep breathing sessions are guided with the Breathe App to cut down on stress and induce relaxation. There are also new Reminders or smart notifications to remind you to use the app, and you even have the choice of doing workouts from one to five minutes long. It guides you through a series of breathing exercises to try to help relax you. With the mesmerizing animation and gentle taps, you can manage the stress and experience some beautiful calming moments instantly.

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Three new watch faces

The latest model of Apple watch OS 3 has come with three new watch faces:-

  • Activity DigitalWith all the benefits of the Modular watch face, it clearly presents your Activity progress.
  • NumeralsThe Numerals watch face is a very simple and customizable design that shows a numeral for the current hour. Other added benefit is that you can even customize the font and color as per your choice.
  • Minnie MouseThe inclusion of Mickey Mouse and new Minnie Mouse watch faces are also downright delightful.  Tap either of them and it reads the time to you.

Watch OS 3 is seriously upgraded when it comes to managing watch faces and complications. It is even quicker than ever to switch your watch face as now it just takes a single swipe. It is also easy to add some elements such as the weather on top of your photo watch faces.

SOS mode

An SOS feature built in this Apple watch OS 3 is specially designed to call the emergency services immediately if you hold the side button on your Apple Watch. After that automatically your watch will dial three SOS contacts (you have mentioned) without using Siri or the Phone app, that will each receive a text message. Even it will showcase your current location. It is ideal when you are in a dangerous situation.


Along with performance enhancements, watchOS version 3 is more capable and performs better, taking advantage of the new software update. Even the Apple Watch app developers get different tools for fitness, graphics, games, and media to build richer apps, with even better experiences.

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