The All New Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon had recently launched their Fire phone. The moment it hit the stores, it became one of the most talked about gadgets. For one, it was the first phone Amazon had released. Secondly, the Fire phone did not work on any of the existing platforms. The phone uses the Fire OS, specifically created by Amazon for this phone.

The phone was received with mixed reviews. Some claimed that the phone was pretty good, and had entered the most competitive segment of smartphones, the budget phone category. On the other hand, some others felt that the phone was not up to the mark. There were still some things that were missing in the Amazon fire phone, for instance apps. As this is an altogether new platform, there are no apps in existence for this operating system.

Here’s a review of this phone from design, hardware and ease of use perspective.

The Design Review

This is one of the most important elements to be reviewed when reviewing a phone. You will see that system hardware and the design is what is of utmost importance to any smartphone user. A look at the phone and you will realize that this phone is not really appealing in the form of looks. It is not really a well draped phone. The phone’s look has been inspired from iPhone 4s and Nexus 4. The phone has a glass exterior with a rubber body. The ports and other controls are properly inserted with security screws making it look protected. The whole design has a black finish with stainless steel makeover given to it.

The System Hardware Review

The phone has a 4.7 inch display with a 720p resolution. The brightness of the screen is pretty good, and makes you feel good about this phone.

Along with the design of the phone, the other most important thing about any smartphone is the hardware. This phone has a pretty decent hardware. It runs on a Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB RAM. There are two internal storage options available with this phone, one is 32GB and the other is 64GB. It weighs around 160 grams and is pretty thin in its appearance considering it has a size of 5.5”x2.6”0.35”

Camera Review

These days’ smartphones are reviewed more for its camera than any other thing about it. The Amazon Fire has a 13MP rear camera while a 2.1MP front facing camera. You get auto focus and multi frame HDR too with this camera. The HDR available with this camera is multi frame which is considered to be interesting for a smartphone in present times.

Phone with a Difference

The dynamic perspective is one of the most interesting and different things about Fire phone. There are five cameras that come with this phone. The front camera is standard one that has a 2.1MP while the other four cameras that come with this phone are all wide angle cameras. There are infrared LEDs that are matched with these cameras which help track the movements of the face of the person being clicked.

The camera, dynamic perspective, comes with 120 degree field of view and IR illumination to track facial movements and check for the right click. The user interface that is used with dynamic perspective is three dimensional. At a time two cameras are needed to see the face of the person being clicked, and the software will take the input and give interesting outputs. The whole perspective is about interface that this phone works on. This dynamic perspective will provide the users with necessary delight.

Software Review

The Fire OS that was present in Amazon kindle is being used in the Fire phones as the operating system. This is an altogether new platform, so not many apps are available for the same. The Fire OS is an interesting makeover of the Android 4.2.2 platform, and you can see a lot of similarities between the two platforms.

The interface is termed carousel by Amazon. You can easily pin the applications on this phone. Similar to Android you can swipe horizontally and use gestures to shuffle the things.

iOS Vs.Android vs. Fire OS

The two most popular platforms as on today include iOS and Android. It is important to understand at what level Fire OS matches with these two OS, and where does this OS differ from these. For starters it is important to understand the Fire OS is actually Android 4.2.2 modified to make it suitable for Amazon Fire phone. If you wish to understand the difference between these three OS, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each OS. When you are operating on iOS you will see that the performance is smooth and the interface excellent. The transition around screens has been created seamlessly. With iOS the only issue lies in the internal storage and the relative cost. The expandable memory can cost you more.

Android offers excellent apps, upgrades and beautiful transition. You will see that the microSD expansion slot offered by Android is also pretty different. You get everything brilliantly set in Android. Of course some Android phones lack high end feels. Unlike iOS, android comes in every budget level.

Fire OS is an expansion of Android 4.2.2 and it has some Android like feel associated with it. It is relatively new and so there are not many apps in here. Its premium pricing is also a disadvantage. The OS is pretty simple but the limitation lies in the amount of customization you can give to the OS. You cannot really modify menu screens. For a basic smartphone it is good, but it still needs some help to make it look a bit better.


This phone has two different pricing: one is the contract pricing and the other is the unlocked pricing. The contract pricing is $200 while the unlocked pricing is somewhere around $600. For a phone with a lot of limitations including a new OS, this phone is definitely high priced. This phone has entered the premium segment without really being premium. This is a definite drawback about the phone.

With mixed reviews, this phone is still far from being popular. If the price is lowered, and apps are created for this phone, then probably it will still seek to be popular.

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