The Advent of Android Instant Apps and their Immediate Future

Google, the biggest search giant, had recently introduced a preview of Instant Apps, at Google I/O 2016 developer conference in May 2016. The new instant apps present a new approach to run Android apps in a moment without installation. The company enabled a new special video experience with the help of Buzz Feed along with a revolutionary shopping experience showcased by the company, B&H.

Instant Apps now as mentioned by Google, will be a substitute for existing apps that can be launched without any delay, with no installation required at all.  The biggest specialty of such apps is that they work in an instant without having to load software functionality. There would be no need to install apps to run them. Tapping a URL, an Instant App will be activated without it being installed.

Android Instant App Testing is also available for a limited time and introduced by Google. The apps load up with just about a bite-sized version without having the users to install it completely. Right now it is available for users to generate a proper feedback through a limited test of this product. There are some companies like Wish, Periscope and Viki who have started using these instant apps. But certainly, other companies can use the same after the SDKs wider release in some months. By getting proper feedback, Android will certainly expand its experience and bring some innovation too. One may sure get to see a streamlined end to install multiple processes of data crunching with the advent of Instant apps.

Usefulness of Instant Apps

As we can see, these Instant Apps are a new way to run all sorts of Android apps, and one can imagine that they are soon to be part of our daily life. It’s efficiency to run apps without installing will help users to discover new apps within minimal friction. Instant apps will bridge the gap between web apps and all native Android apps seamlessly and will provide a view if you need the app or not. The process of onboarding new users will be quicker than ever.

Instant apps will be perfect for single purpose apps, like paying for parking, paying for tolls, for checking out travel apps, shop quickly for discounts, etc. By using instant apps, it will never be a compulsion to download full apps and occupy space in your smartphone. You will just need to click a link and download some parts needed for a brief experience. If you need it further, one can avail the entire app later. A significant benefit here that you can reserve the saved space on your phone on other things like music, videos and the like. Even while shopping online, no need to download any e-commerce site since its instant app will provide access and details of the product that you want to buy, right there.

If they love the app and its functionality, by all means, users can download the whole app. Google also showed instant apps running on previous models of Android including the Jellybean version.

The Process of Using Android instant apps

To use the instant apps, a user will have to update their existing Android smartphone to reap the advantage. All Android APIs and the Android Studio tools can be used as earlier. There will be lots of changes expected in the development process along with testing of Android Instant Apps before they are launched officially.

How Android instant apps work?

The working system of Instant apps is based on the idea that Android users just have to click a link to the associated app that they do not have installed on their phone. A user can even share a link to another user via an app, after which the recipient can open the link and view the app functionalities, although limited. Users will have the options to use and later even install the full version without having to log into the Play Store. It is similar to opening web apps although this process is faster. Each link will redirect to the Instant app, and the user gets to benefit from the limited functionality for any period, depending on the app’s features. The full app which is installed will function just like any standard Android app.


With the testing of Android Instant Apps, Google will keep developers interested in the system and let them install Instant App functionality. They will have to use the apps on the fly with a shorter segment and trim their app for faster use. With the URL based navigation features, one can enable any user to use the app without installation procedure that is handy during branding strategy. Then undoubtedly it will take less time to make the original app modular and accessible to users worldwide. Brace yourself to view these apps later this year. For now, Google will need more developers to come on board for implementing Instant Apps, as they are revolutionary enough to sort out phone space problems in the near future.

These apps also have the potential to truly change the way one discovers apps and then uses it as developers will find new ways to reach more users and promote their apps with the previews embedded through Instant apps. So, wait and watch and provide your view here to share your opinion on the universal lightweight experience that will change the near future for the better.

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