StumbleUpon Rolls Out a New Android UI Design

When you enter the StumbleUpon app, or site, you are directed into a completely new and different world. A world where you will stumble upon new things and discover a different world altogether!It is truly the best discovery site which will keep you engaged, and can make you forget the real world for a long time.Till date StumbleUpon was an app that led you towards discovery. It was just a world in itself. But the makers have finally decided on revamping it and making it more social. The interface till now depended on discover, more like self discovery. But, now users can share their discoveries and make it public too.

New StumbleUpon for Android

StumbleUpon has rolled out a makeover for its Android app. This new version of StumbleUpon Android app promises a completely new design interface and experience to the users.

An app is made popular when it has a suitable interface and provides a unique experience to the users of the app. At the end of the day, if the users feel challenged while using the app, the app won’t be used at all. This would affect the analytics’ of the app, and finally the popularity and visibility of the app. If the interface and experience is not taken into account, you will find a lot of competitors posing as a threat.

This is probably why StumbleUpon released this new social version of their app. This new version is in the talks not just for interface and experience it promises, but also because it has come up with some new social actions for the users.

What’s New in StumbleUpon?

The new in StumbleUpon includes newness in user interface as well as changes in navigation. You will see that this new interface provides an excellent way of searching for content.

The design changes have been made according to the design guidelines provided by Google. In fact, some of the design changes have incorporated the material design techniques suggested by Android L.

The new app contains drawer slide menus which have added to the design appeal of this app. This drawer slide menu actually makes the app look interesting. The app has two drawer slide menus along the right and left side of the menu.

The right drawer slide menu shows the notifications. This corner is known as “activity center”. Here you can see who has liked your post, or which friend of yours has shared a new post. On the left drawer side menu you get a list of all your likes, followers, and interests. You can access these lists, and get started with stumbling.

With this new app, you get another feature “add to list”. You can check on the content by clicking on the bottom right button. You can swipe through the categories and finally click on one of the categories and add it to your list of content. While you are stumbling on the various links, you have a way back into the home screen too. There is a soft back key which helps you translate back to the home screen.

Why Go Social?

Social is the new buzz word! StumbleUpon has been in the market for long now, but it has not enabled you to share links with friends in a way that other networks have made possible. You are not able to share links, find content from friends and followers etc. using this app.

This is probably the reason why the app has gone social. With this app becoming social, it will just improve the overall experience for the user. They will be able to view more content, and find relevant data using these new tools.

Users look out for engagement in the web world, and this new feature will provide just that to the users. It will make the app more engaging and user friendly, which will keep the social movement going.

This redesign will be out this summer. The company has currently invested a lot of money and brains to redesign the whole app, and make it full of features.

Going social and creating the wonderful user interface will just help the app stumble more often with the users! This is the 4.0 version of the StumbleUpon app.

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