Seven Major WWDC Announcements Those are Sure to Impress Everyone!

WWDC 2016 featured a number of announcements that included each of Apple’s product lines. The focus of the event was the new iOS 10 software that will soon be a part of the iPhones, iPads and other Apple gadgets. The Worldwide Developers Conference is the stage in which the company released the newest version of the popular mobile operating system.

With the new and great features packed in the iOS 10, Apple seems to have focused on individual stock apps rather than looking for a new design for its interface. There are some of the biggest features in the new OS that is sure to bring Android to the bout. The highlights include the new lock screen, quick interactions with apps, and the 3D Touch applications in ways previously not envisioned.

Here are some of the biggest announcements of the WWDC event that have impressed many.

The Lock screen is Redesigned Now!

In iOS 10, Apple has rebuilt the lock screen and redesigned its look and feel. Now it wakes up to show the lock screen without the need for the users to use buttons. The native apps and third-party apps now can get interaction options without getting away from the lock screen as before.

All notifications can be displayed with 3D Touch gestures, and widgets can be set right on the lock screen that can be set with a firm swipe to the right. They are immediately visible and legible too.

Quick Type enhancements with Emoji changes

The new app iMessage, combines SMS and data-sent conversations and the Emojis are three times bigger and unique in the way they are used with animation including disco lights and fireworks that are in the mix. Developers have customize the messaging experience to a great extent and even dramatically improving Quick Type suggestions that will even offer your location as an option. It will be used to predict longer context and to pull contact information automatically. Multilingual typing is supported for switching while handling text messages.

Better and Efficient Maps

Maps is now completely redesigned with new features wherein it can guide you around traffic and even find the best restaurants around dinnertime, or even book a quick taxi ride without having to leave Maps. The contextual menu setup is linked to the calendar events of the day, appointments and their locations. Now Apple Maps with some design tweaks can even pan and zoom the routes through which one is traveling.

Apple Music Redesign with a Twist

In iOS 10, Apple Music has been completely redesigned with a new user interface.  It’s much cleaner and keeps the recently played playlist more accessible than ever before. The main tabs can be divided and integrated into subsequent pages with the search tab. The design language augurs well for discovering new music.

Siri is now open for developers

iOS 10 will enable the digital assistant Siri to perform multiple tasks since developers now have a chance to leverage its capabilities. The digital assistant supports various messaging commands for WhatsApp and other apps and even drives commands efficiently.

It is now smarter than before with the ability to perform several tasks and now developers can create Siri SDK, and incorporate the same into their apps at will.

The Apple Watch Gets Faster!

WatchOS 3 also boasted of many updates but the biggest change is that it can now load apps seven times faster. Navigation will be easier too since the side button could access a "dock" allowing users to scroll through apps. A swipe up will allow wearers to switch into airplane mode just like the iPhone.

It includes a keyboard called "Scribble" for message responses and one can draw individual letters for the same. Apple Watches will also introduce the SOS feature for alerting when in danger, with the side button calling 911 with relevant location information. The medical status and other conditions will be relayed too so that medical help can be availed. The feature enables calling of country-specific emergency numbers, especially when the watch is connected to Wi-Fi or the iPhone.

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TVOS is Making a New Impression

Tvos is just about a year old but now features 1,300 video channels and is integrated with nearly 6,000 apps. The expansion is enormous as Fox Sports Go will arrive soon. Apple is launching the Apple TV remote app where you can use touch for navigation, Siri for relevant voice commands, and the built-in sensors for efficient gaming control. One can browse through the service’s 650,000 movies with the help of Siri and search through live channels and even search content in YouTube. Apple’s also launching a single sign-on system for connecting to network apps at once.

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