What Promises Twitter Fabric has in store for App Developers?

Twitter Fabric, the latest development platform launched by Twitter is loaded with a bevy of developer friendly tools and features. We all know that Twitter as one of the indomitable social network platform always encouraged third party developers to develop their own apps and services with the help of tools provided by the platform. The latest range of tool-set under Twitter Fabric is the outcome of this long standing commitment to offer helpful services and tools for developers.

Twitter Fabric, the all new development platform is launched last year with the aim of offering a platform to build best apps with least difficulty and effort. This cross platform modular development platform consists of 3 different software development kits with which app developers can build their own apps incorporating Twitter features. The 3 tool-set under this platform include respectively MoPub, Crashlytics and Twitter kit. Let us have a closer look at these 3 different tool kits.


MoPub SDK will help app developers to monetize their apps easily by filling slots for different ads, whether they are banner ads or native ads. While often app developers struggle to turn their app into a business MoPub will make it a reality. The MoPub SDK kit makes integrating ads absolutely easy requiring nothing more than just a few clicks. MoPub had always been one of the leading monetization platforms for app developers but now being packaged under Twitter Fabric it will be even more engaging. This is a single, comprehensive monetization platform to maximize revenue through in-app ads.

  • With MoPub on your side there you do not need to constrain your app with options of a few advertisers.
  • Getting ads directly from the advertisers, collaborating with a wide array of ad networks, and roping in volumes of ads from high-quality advertisers, these all you can do with this simple monetization platform presented as part of Twitter Fabric.
  • It supports most well known ad formats including banner ads, interstitials, video ads and native ads.
  • It provides now a gamut of new features for simple creative experiment with native ads.
  • MoPub’s also offers native location control that will help selecting the ad position.
  • It offers control for number of ad appearance in your content.
  • With MoPub you can enjoy greater flexibility, ease and power to achieve balance between in-app ads and in-app content.

Crashlytics SDK

Crashlytics is the element of Twitter Fabric that mainly assures app stability. Crashlytics is the solution for preventing app crashes. It allows app developers to see exact lines of code responsible for the app to crash. Crashlytics is useful for distributing the early app versions beta users as well. This Twitter offering undoubtedly will add immense value to the app development process by managing coding elements that lead to crashes.

  • Crashlytics offers real time reports of app crashes to let the developers take action instantly.
  • Crashlytics offers robust integration capability by bringing together many of the leading crash analysis platforms.
  • It requires just a single glance view to grasp all of your outstanding issues on reports.
  • When you need to debug you can go directly from your issue tracker to the dashboard and get a closer and detailed report.
  • It offers cross platform app beta testing service to provide peace of mind to new developers.
  • Ever since its launch Crashlytics successfully identified billions of crashes and responsible factor down to the single faulty line of code.

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Twitter Kit

Twitter Kit is the real hero among the new Twitter offerings through Fabric. This kit takes care of many aspects concerning app visibility. Twitter Kit includes 3 brand new tools that can help you in registering growth through tapping more users and traffic. These 3 tools are respectively as Native Tweet Embeds. Tweet Composer and Twitter Sign In. Let us have a closer look at all 3 of them.

  • Native Tweet Embeds: There are approximately 500 million Tweets per day and this huge body of digital content can be tapped for all kinds of apps. But it was difficult to put Tweet messages inside your app as valuable content simply because it always required hours of labor. Now with just a single line of code this Tweet messages can be added in your app and that too, with additional ease of stylizing them as per your app design theme.
  • Tweet composer: Sharing those messages that offers glimpse of precious moments and conversations within your apps you can just augment the app UX and make app content richer. The Tweet Composer as part of Tweeter SDK and Tweeter Fabric just enables you to do that. From incorporating a song to a debate to a message from fitness guru, you can bring all colors through Tweet messages in your app.
  • Twitter Sign In: Authenticating your users with Twitter sign in option now became simpler than ever with this new enhanced tool. When a Twitter user is authenticated successfully, you can bring those that profile into your app and then offer him to do a lot of things like sharing links, sharing photos and collaborating with people to find friends with similar interests. Now you can offer users a lot of ease to make use of their Twitter profile through another app.

Twitter Fabric deservedly received huge applause from the app developers worldwide. The rolling of this new platform is also an ahead of time step from the social media giant that would help creating lot of values in the app ecosystem. Feel free to contact us today to know more about twitter fabric application development.

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