Make Your Apps Irresistible For Users in 2018

As a mobile app development company, it is very important for you to get into the head of the user and find what provokes him to download your app. You can promote your app through advertisements but to get downloads you need to influence people even before they get to the landing page of your app. So, you need to influence people with your app rather than just promoting it. The potential user should be convinced about the value of your app. Here are a few things a mobile app development company needs to consider before building an app that make people download an app.

  • Recommendations: Word of mouth is the best way to influence your users. More than 50% app users download an app because their friends, family, or colleagues recommend it to them. People do talk of their mobiles and gadgets and if you want to increase your app’s installs, a great app reputation is a must. Recommendations not only give your app a viral effect, it is normal for people to trust others who tell them about great discoveries.
  • Apps that make life easier: People look for solutions to several problems in their daily life. Users abandon an app that does not seem to solve their problems. An app that has an element that makes daily life easier is preferred by users. If an app can do things for you much faster than the browser, enhance your online shopping experience, help you track things you need to watch out for daily, are the preferred ones to be downloaded. Your app should give the user a feeling of security with regards to your mobile data as well.
  • Novelty: Research has shown that boredom is one of the main reason that makes users download an alternate app. Users want something innovative, fresh, new, original, and unique that makes them go for it. Recent technology like virtual and augmented reality should be an integral part of an updated app to enhance UX.
  • App store descriptions: Another trigger for downloads is the app’s description in the app store. Generally, people go to the app store and conduct a broad search for a category or go directly to the app they are looking for. The reviews and ratings greatly impact the user’s decision to download an app. Position your brand in such a way that it makes a lasting positive impression in the market and on the users. Negative reviews account for being a major reason for not downloading an app. Apps that have clear instructions for using them save much-valued time of the user and engage them with to-the-point and specific content.
  • Appealing design and aesthetics: As they say, “First impression is the last impression,” if not the last. Undoubtedly, first impression is the most effective impression and it can make the user download or ignore your app. Your app should be bug-free and secure. The appeal and user-friendliness of the UI design, UX, and the aesthetics of the app definitely play a great role in adding value to your app and making the users download it.
  • Free trials: Price is undoubtedly an important factor in the download decision as more than 8 in 10 respondents consider it before downloading an app. Free trials may also be used to allure users to download and try your app. Every 3 out of 4 users expect apps to be free after that it is up to you how you engage your user. Access to exclusive discounts and coupons also woes users to download the apps.
  • Space taken up in mobile and consistency of experience on multiple devices: Users prefer to download and install apps that occupy minimum storage space. If an app is making the smartphone hang over the time it will irritate the user. Also, the app should offer a consistent experience on other devices and operating systems as well.
  • Write an attention-grabbing blog: With enormous people jumping onto the content-marketing bandwagon, you need to write a blog that makes the topic current and gives actionable pointers. The content of the blog should include insights and opinions that add to the credibility of the product and add links to your landing page.
  • Contribute to other blogs/publications: Look for the blogs and publications in the industry that your app is catering to and approach them with an article pitch. This helps build a wider reader base in a short time to complement your blog as their sites already enjoy huge traffic and credibility that adds to your own credibility also.
  • Social media channels and communities: In order to promote your content and for curating excellent content that your prospective users may be interested in reading, channels can prove to be a great medium and tool. Share relevant content regularly to build a following. Many communities that already have a huge following give feedback and help spread the word about your app when you reach out to them.
  • Be active on Quora: Respond to queries posted on Quora to build your app’s credibility. You can avoid force-selling your app as Quora offers you with immense possibilities to focus on providing your users with value.
  • Advertisements: Do not ignore advertisements. A number of online ads may prompt users to download apps or restart usage of a dormant app as effectively as recommendations. For this the design of the landing page and the ad content play an important role.

Takeaway To ensure that your app is downloaded multiple times you need to understand the motivations and needs of the users. The above mentioned reasons can help you build a successful app that ought to be irresistible for the users in 2018.

Want to Make an App for Your Business?

Want to validate your app idea? Want to get a free consultation from an expert?

Want to Make an App for Your Business?

Want to validate your app idea? Want to get a free consultation from an expert?

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