Google I/O 2016 – The Top Announcements and Statistics that Matter!

The biggest event of the year of one of the biggest companies in the world is living up to its expectations.  Alphabets search giant, Google, introduced several unprecedented tools and technologies at the annual developer conference,Google I/O 2016. The event showcased the direction in which the search giant is heading along with a slew of new product and service announcements that got most of the analysts and the audience wide-eyed. The announcements also signalled Google interest in multiple technologies that are still emerging to make an impact on the future, including VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence).

Announcements that Spark a Future

Google gave some insight into the performance of its business while unveiling several key metrics. Here are the numbers from Google itself:

Google first announced that it has reached 1 billion Chrome mobile users

Google I/O 2015 witnessed the browser, Chrome, reaching 1 billion active users in both desktop and mobile platforms. Since it is already the world’s most popular desktop browser with 42% market share, it has reached another magical figure this year, cracking nearly 1 billion mobile users as most Android handsets already have Google Chrome running within it.

The popularity of the Chrome browser has reached tremendous heights as it is growing at rapid pace amongst mobile users. In November, Google had given an indication that the browser has reached nearly 800 million monthly active mobile users, nearly double the figure from 2014. The figure has now reached more than 1 billion.

Chrome is also available in iPhones and iPads and has contributed to the gigantic number of users, although it can owe much to Android’s own popularity worldwide. Also, this is great for Googles advertising business, as the Chrome browser is connected to its masterful search engine along with its affiliated services.

Then the search giant revealed that it has already touched upon 200 million active Google Photos users

Google had announced about Google Photos at last years annual event. This year, it has reached a staggering number of monthly active users – the number reaching 200 million. That is even double the number of monthly active users that were revealed last October. It just took about 8-9 months for the search giant to crank up double the users on the platform.

Google Photos, which is an online cloud storage solution especially for storing photos and videos, is competing with similar services, including Apples iCloud. But unlike its competitors, Google Photos does not charge a penny for its services. The biggest advantage with it is that it can hold nearly 50GB of iCloud storage that would easily encompass 16,000 photos at a meagre price of just $12 per year. Google Photos also easily sorts and indexes the images, which makes them searchable. Hence one can attribute the huge following and the popularity of the platform to amass so many users to its strong feature set too.

Google is also not using images stored on Google Photos or even making it accessible through the main search engine. Since the platform is under the canopy of Google general privacy policy, the data that the search engine giant possesses has increased doubly. Google can even monetize Google Photos with a slew of ads, thus increasing its credibility and value.

One of the announcements included that Google Play has reached 65 billion app downloads!

With nearly 65 billion Android apps downloaded through the Google Play Store, Google is racking up the numbers like there is no tomorrow. The numbers are up from 48 billion recorded in May, 2013. Play store is the single biggest app store in the world, but there are some Chinese competitors and Amazons own Appstore that is also bringing a huge number of downloads. Hence although Android is popular, Apple is leading the numbers with more than 100 billion app downloads last year through the iOS App Store. The surge in the numbers is still a healthy sign for Android and Google collectively.

Google also revealed that there are now 600 different Android-based phones in the market launched last year!

Within the last year, several companies built nearly 600 different phones based on the Android operating system. Before that, about 600 different Android phones and tablets were launched between 2008 and 2012. Although not all companies have been successful in leveraging the platform and becoming successful, the mobile operating system still continues to rise in popularity.

Google also mentioned that now the company is collaborating with 12 different Android Wear partners

Googles smartwatch platform is now poised to rise to unprecedented levels since the search giant has tied up with 12 different partners for churning out interesting and innovative Android wear devices. The companies who are part of the alliance include Huawei, ASUS, Casio, and TAG Heuer. Although the numbers of smartwatches in the market are still burgeoning, there is no indication of the sales. Yet, now there would be no dearth of vendors to choose from for the Android Wear aficionados.

Nearly 50 million apps related to Google Cardboard have been installed since its launch

Google Cardboard was announced at Google I/O 2014 with the first foray made into the virtual reality world. This inexpensive virtual reality solution has now sparked interest with a wide variety of companies who now have their own versions of the Cardboard, which are sold for a paltry sum of dollars.

With the emergence of sophisticated and trendy VR gadgets like the GearVR or Oculus Rift., VR is earning its popularity. But Cardboard sparked the interest among consumers. With more than 50 million Cardboard apps downloaded, one can expect Googles next-generation VR solution, DayDream, to get thundering response next year.

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Nearly 25 million Chromecasts were sold last year

Google had launched the streaming dongle, Chromecast, in 2013 and the company had announced last year that it sold 17 million of them. The purchase figure now has ballooned up to 25 million Chromecasts in three years, making it the worldsmost popular streaming device.

Chromecast though is not a complete smart TV platform since it requires a mobile device or PC for working perfectly. It does give the functionality to stream music and video extending Google’s reach to millions of homes easily.

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