Getting to Know iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch from the Developer’s Side

On 9th September, Apple marked the launch of its two most awaited products, the iPhone 6 along with the Apple watch. Interestingly, iPhone 6 was launched in two different sizes, one is the regular iPhone size, and one slightly bigger. The bigger version is called iPhone 6+. Along with these three products, Apple also launched its very own payment gateway that had been in talks for a long time.

These products have obviously created fervor among users, but they have created a certain sense of curiosity among developers who had been waiting for this launch to start creating apps. So, what’s in this new version for the developers, let’s have a look.

Greater Fitness Focus

If you have gone through the update perfectly, you would have heard a mention of barometer. Both the iPhone 6+ and Apple Watch are planning to concentrate on your fitness. With this new updated version of the phone, and the first ever wearable, you will also get a faster processor, the A8 chip and a barometer that is set to measure the pressure.

How will this be useful to developers? Well, firstly with the barometer in place, fitness is being commanded by these gadgets. More fitness tracking apps can be created that would make apt use of the figments present in these gadgets. Moreover the Apple watch has concentrated view of fitness, what with fitness slabs being stuck to its back side. This means these gadgets are indeed powerhouses of fitness for the developers who are planning to develop certain apps. The focus is on sustained performance, and the gadgets have made sure that no heating up occurs in any way.

The Watch Interface

Apple is known for a classic interface in its products. Users have always bought Apple products for the ever satisfying user interface that it gives out. The Apple Watch is yet another example of a superbly conducted interface that Apple has managed to give out.

There is a digital crown along the side of the watch, where the dial is normally present, which promises interaction with the device. When the users rotate the dial, they can zoom into the maps, or scroll through the devices. This works as a way of communication with the device. This interface is basically designed such that you don’t have to use the small screen a lot. It is inconvenient to use the small screen extensively, and such an interface comes to aide during these times.

The interface allows you to use voice based communication, or some of the internally stored messages for communication. This would definitely come to use to developers who wish to develop apps specifically for Apple Watch.

Payment Gateway

Apple has finally come up with its own NFC payment system, which it claims is pretty secure. All you need to do is have a credit card stored with your iTunes, or you can even click a picture of your credit card, and save the payment details with this gateway. They have struck partnerships for this gateway system with major players like Visa, Mastercards, American Express, Chase and Bank of America as well as 22,000 odd retailers.

How will this help app developer? Firstly in app purchases will become more secure considering it is the Apple wallet that most customers would be using. This means that the credit card transactions would become easy. App developers for eStore on iOS can also relax considering Apple has its own payment system in place now. Also the finger print scanning system will make records perfect and secure.

Watch Notifications

Something that wearable has been striving to do since Pebble and Google released their wearable gadgets was to work on the notification system. You will see that notifications can be quite a distraction. Apple has tried to improve the way notification systems work on the Apple watch. For one, the subtle taptic vibration engine would prevent the notification from becoming a trouble for you. Secondly, you will have the facility to set the notifications for an app. You can always set the VIP emails, and favorite callers. This way you will be allowing only certain messages to reach you on a particular day, while the others would not be able to reach you. This would be great to the developers who are creating apps specifically for the watch. They need to concentrate on notifications too as part of the interface.


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A Stable Camera

One more interesting feature that is available with the iPhone 6+ is a stable camera. It is an 8 MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture. What’s different? Well, this camera comes with the next generation iSight sensor, and includes focus pixels. The features offered by this camera are close to the features offered by a DSLR camera. You have true tone flash available with this camera, and can click HDR photos using the Apple Camera.

This is a truly great time for developers who wish to create apps based on pictures or that will use cameras. This stable camera was a desire of the users that has come alive with this new iPhone.

These are some of the interesting and phenomenal advances made by Apple through the release of these important gadgets.

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