Five Excellent Mobile App Marketing Tips for Creating Effective Mobile Ad Campaigns

The explosive growth of smartphones has made mobile the dominant channel for digital content access. Many publishers regard desktop still an important medium for advertising revenue but they are lost in the mobile app marketing process. Even companies who are dependent on mobile app development fail to adopt best practices for in-app advertising.

Here are my top five tips for increasing mobile ad revenues for lucrative mobile app development.

Use right ad formats for the mobile app and site

Many publishers prefer banner ads although they are mostly very small to actually add any benefit. Moreover they are extremely susceptible to inadvertent clicks and consume extra space affecting the experience. One should work on ad concepts that are embedded within the content experience including videos and interstitial that offer breaks with content of the app, which is mostly relevant in the varied stages of a typical mobile game app. Although few ads will be displayed, advertisers will bank on the new style of engagement and its effectiveness.

Also, selling ad space programmatically, through an ad exchange gives multiple benefits to publishers and even advertisers. Since each ad impression is sold to the higher bidder, publishers can get the best market-driven price for the same. Ad targeting is now more focused than ever before since users are shown ads that are perfect and relevant for them.

Optimize content specifically for mobile app marketing

Since 50% of publishers\' traffic comes from mobile devices, it is important to have content that can play seamlessly in a mobile device. With custom m-sites, on can adapt layout to small screen sizes.

Many companies develop mobile sites with the help of responsive design. One should have a responsive site that works well for optimizing ad spaces especially on the mobile platform. Even mobile app development should revolve around a well-constructed approach with regards to its content and the ad insertions.

Also it is important to have content that is targeted to a particular audience. Advertisers pay high prices for ad spaces for specific targeted audiences. Ad targeting is driven by cookies on the mobile platform that deliver insights related to the demographic interests. Publishers who have user data can drive value of the ads by appending relevant data to the same.

Diversify your ad formats and find best placements

When introducing mobile ads for the app during mobile app development, it is essential to provide an incredible user experience that is dynamic and supportive of variety of formats. A mix of multimedia formats including video, display, and custom options, one can prevent ad fatigue.

User engagement for each ad type will vary based on click performance and audience accordingly. Based on your app flow and the relevant advertising for better experience, successful mobile app marketing campaigns need to be devised.

Identify screens that transition users from one loop to the next one. Pair transitions within the app where they can ‘bridge’ user’s attention. Even loading screens, and other breaks can work in your ad’s favor. Users will not feel cheated when they see the ad in these spaces. Avoid all banner placements near UI elements since they result in accidental clicks thus ruining the entire experience.  Also areas between gaming levels are great for video ads. They can command high eCPMs and are very effective in eliciting audience response positively.

Keep all ads natural to the app’s flow and scheme. Monitoring of the ads is important for gauging the under performing ones.

Ensure ad serving always relevant content

To provide contextual experience for users, create a plan to understand the right users and how to create engaging content for them. Your ad partners need to be aligned with the idea and should formulate creatives, formats, and the like for the same intended audience. Ad serving will then be quite personalized and relevant. It will even improve overall ad performance.

Although it is near impossible to serve ads as per user preferences completely in mobile app marketing, one can manage the number of specific ad creatives shown to them with the frequency capping methodology which revolves around the lack of user response to an ad indicating their disinterest.

Give users control

As banner ads are now giving way to other engaging formats, users should be given extra control on the app by having a choice to opt-in to view an ad and even to get out of it. Options to silence or skip the ad is important so that the ad is not forced upon them. With a countdown timer or a close button, one can give the users the option to get out of the ad experience.

Use rewarded video for better interactivity among users along with playable ads. These ads get better click-through that advertisers would love immensely and the developers would get increased payouts too. Non-intrusive ad targeting is beneficial for advertisers as well as developers.

For many developers who are into mobile app development, advertising is a source to earn revenue and to scale the opportunities. They should concentrate on user experience though while formulating ads, keeping a certain balance like a tightrope.

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