Create Interesting & Interactive Mobile Applications with Oracle MAF

Haven’t we all heard of OSes being released and creating a major fervor. This is probably the first time the launch of an application development framework has perked a few ears up.

Oracle mobile application development framework has got the developers definitely interested in it. Why not! For one it allows you to create a single application and run it on both Android and iOS based mobiles. This is a typical framework that allows you the pleasure of both platforms in one go.

Introducing Oracle MAF

This mobile application framework is an extension to JDeveloper as well as Eclipse. If you take a look at this framework, from the usage point of view, you would realize that this framework offers a Java based MVC that executes mobile applications contained within a hybrid network.

It is a step beyond Oracle’s very own ADF. It contains all the features present in ADF but it has some features that have extended beyond their base ADF target. The MAF is a larger community looking at more hybrid and interesting features.

Migrating from ADF to MAF

A lot of you have been working on ADF platform for quite a while. Now, you need your apps to feel the new UI, the plug in integrations and other components present on ADF. This is precisely why you need to get your work that exists on ADF to MAF. Here’s a simple way to migrate the apps from ADF to MAF.

You just need to open your existing ADF based mobile app in the new MAF environment. Make sure it is the jDeveloper 12.1.3 enabled MAF environment. When you open the file in this new environment, you can leave everything onto JDeveloper. It will handle the whole migration for you.

Licensing and More

It is important to note that the ADF and MAF licenses differ from each other majorly. MAF has been licensed by Oracle as an independent product, separate from ADF. Each time you create an app on MAF environment, you can license the app as well as the end user of the app. There is no restriction on the number of users/apps you can license in a go using the MAF environment. To get mobile enabled server interface, you can license the MAF environment using the Oracle Mobile Suite Enterprise.

Features Available with MAF

Here are a few features that have been tied as per the liking of the developer. This may just enhance the whole web of mobile app creation.

  • You get a whole load of choice with regards to development IDEs which includes Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse using the enterprise pack. In face you can call this framework a hybrid of these two IDEs.
  • You can choose from the development languages made available to you on this framework which include Java, JavaScript and HTML5.
  • You will have, on this framework, to support your work about 80 or more than 80 UI components. Remember all the components have been professionally designed to match your requirements. With these components, you can create absolutely rich interfaces. You don’t need to indulge in HTML5 coding too.
  • With this application development framework, you tend to have Apache Cordova plug-ins. This is like a gold mine for the developers. Now you can leverage on any mobile specific feature and enhance its value on your phone. Pretty good, isn’t it?
  • You can create applications for multiple mobile operating systems and yet have not much to do in here. This gives wings to cross platform operating system. Here there is nothing that can be designed as native.
  • Using the declarative UI that comes with this system, you can create amazing templates as well as user interfaces which can be quite interactive from the users point of view.
  • You get built in integration with MAF which uses the Oracle Mobile Security Suite for this purpose. With this integration, you can support for various tasks which include application containerization, advanced authentication, as well as authorization and integration with social network logins.
  • There is also customization support available with this development framework.

This framework has indeed created an amazing fervor and excitement among the developers’ community. A lot of people are definitely looking forward to moving towards this hybrid platform. If you have any question regarding mobile app development framework, talk to IndianAppDevelopers,

feel free to contact us today.

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