Can Big Data Really Play Big Role in Mobile App Marketing?

There is hardly any overstatement when we say that mobile apps govern our everyday life. But while mobile apps have become a ubiquitous and an all-pervading factor of our lives and while the app economy is continuing to get bigger and bigger, not all apps get a share of this thriving success story. Apart from unique app ideas and execution through design and development, app marketing and monetization play a pivotal role in shaping the success of mobile apps.

Data-driven marketing has become a deciding factor, and the importance of Big Data analytics looms large. The exponentially growing data from many sources and their potential to generate rich insights have opened enormous opportunities for app marketers worldwide.

Big Data analytics will continue to thrive for mobile app marketing irrespective of the niche. Here in this short blog post, we are going to explain the key ways Big Data is making an impact on app marketing.

Big Data for Niche-specific Ad Strategy

The preference of app publishers’ preference for ads varies, but many have no idea which ads can be engaging for their audience. For example, small business apps hardly gain any advantage through banner ads. On the other hand, big content-rich apps that use rigorous and intrusive ads can end up harming the end-user experience.

What should be the ideal ad strategy for an app? Well, there is hardly an6 fixed rule for this. Based on the niche, app size, monetization goal, and a few other factors, the ad strategy of an app is created. Whether you need to embed ads within content or whether you need to use ads in breaks, all these can be decided based on how the audience reacts. This is where Big Data comes into the picture.

Apart from that, selling the ads to the highest bidders and those with the highest potential for traction is also important. Big Data analytics can furnish rich data-driven insights on niche-specific ads based on the audience. More engagement and superior user experience where a good ad strategy doesn’t make any negative impact can only be achieved through data-driven insights.

High-Quality Content for Marketing

We already know that more than half of the audience of the web is generated through mobile web and mobile apps. This is why the seamless ability to showcase content specific to mobile screens is absolutely important for any app publisher. The user data and granular-level user engagement insights derived from this data can help marketers come up with high-quality ad content.  

Since users now prefer unique experiences catered to their individual choices, the so-called “one size fits all” strategy no longer works here. By getting data-driven insights, App publishers can create custom ad content for more acceptance. The cookies stored locally provide rich insights to webmasters about user preferences. You can now rely on Big Data analytics for rich insights based upon many parameters to create the right content for apps.

Get Better Command of App Monetization and Pricing

Since the digital landscape is extremely competitive, where every other business is vying for a better foothold and commanding presence, only rich customer data and data-driven insights can guide a business about the right pricing for the audience or the monetization that can only work for the respective audience niche.

One needs to consider the global target users’ purchasing habits and typical buying patterns to choose the effective monetization method. To decide the pricing and monetization, the app publishers should also know about the competitor apps and the monetization methods.

Furthermore, data is no longer static and increasingly getting context and time specific for most app publishers. To gain traction and consistently engage users, app makers can now see the real-time user metrics and take a call on monetization. The data is multifaceted and multilayered enough to be accessible with just a traditional analytics tool. Here comes the role of Big Data for app marketing.

Granular Level Customization

In marketing, customization no longer refers to one factor, demographics. It is now granular-level customization that drives the agenda for app marketing. Since mobile devices are extremely personal, app marketing needs to cater to personal preferences and choices. This is why apps with personalized content strategies now generate more traction than generic strategies.  

Businesses now rely more on getting more precise, customer-centric, and granular insights for marketing their app products than ever before. This is particularly visible in the case of user engagement with app notifications. The same notification sent at different times for different users generates different types of traction and user responses. Since app marketers tend to focus more on targeting particular users, data-driven granular insights covering many parameters are extremely important for publishers to convert users.

Diversifying Ads for Quality Ad Placements

User engagement is measured not just based on click performance but also on how frequently the users continue with the same app despite the ads being played between the content.

A successful ad campaign considers all custom aspects ranging from demographics and cultural elements to the user’s attention span, digital engagement pattern, etc.

Finally, as a crucial piece of advice, we must say that keeping the look and feel of the ads natural and organic is another essential requirement. You need to maintain the right flow of the ads, so that audience engagement remains tuned.  

Wrapping Up

Big Data representing the exponentially growing volumes of data across a multitude of disciplines and niches have already become a driving force for the digital transformation of companies. Naturally, mobile app marketing has already taken center stage among all effective strategies. Since customization relies on data-driven insights, Big Data analytics plays a major role in custom and audience-specific marketing. If the future belongs to data analytics, Big Data is the emblem of this future.

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