Apple to go Alive and Developer Friendly with iOS 8

When you hear Apple, you want to hear more about it! What it’s doing, how is it performing in the market, and every bit of detail that you can put your hands on! It’s not just about curiosity, but everything that Apple does is new, and you want to be aware of the innovation that it has come up with.

Apple’s new iOS8 operating system that is due for launch this year has quite a few people speculating over it. It’s not really surprising that you are totally looking for to this product! Don’t we all love to know what Apple has come up with, that feels different with this new operating system. So, what can you expect with the new iOS8. Here are some things that you might find different with the new operating system. We will also tell you what will remain same in this new and soon to be launched iOS8.

When’s the Release?

Well that is the first part of your raving curiosity, when is this operating system being planned for release. While developers are seemingly enjoying the world of iOS8, it has still not reached the consumers for installation. If you are a developer, pick up your SDK and start building an app that would operate on all the impeccable features of iOS8. A September release of the new iPhone is being speculated i.e.iPhone6 along with the iWatch that would be released soon after that. iOS 8 would be launched for the consumers, along with these iProducts.

Design Changes Happening?

Well, when you saw the iOS7, you saw a dramatic design change in that. That was completely off guard for the design was flat and it was the first of its kind. With iOS8, the company is planning to round out the flat design, but is not planning on any major design change. So, you can expect just minor additions to the design that existed.

Compatibility Features

You are always curious how compatible would this iOS8 be with other devices devised by Apple. In fact you want to know the compatibility strategy that they would be adopting. iOS8 would be compatible with iPhone 4s or higher models of iPhone. For iPads, the compatibility begins with the iPad2 version and higher. The new iOS8 would also be compatible with the iPad mini and mini2 along with the iPod touch 5th generation. Well, if you own an iPhone 4, you will be missing out on iOS8 as it is not going to be compatible with this phone. The important part in all this is that iPhones and iPods are going to be connected using the Bluetooth. This may be a probable worry for wearable as they may need constant syncing.

Increasing Multitasking Abilities

According to a code discovered within iOS8 by a developer, iOS8 is all set to support split screen apps. This would be great for iPad usage. Let’s assume you have held your iPad in the landscape form. You will see that, in case you have two apps open, both apps would be available on the iPad screen simultaneously. You will have one app to the left of the screen, while one along the right of the screen. This way you would find iOS8 inducing your multitasking abilities. The different sizes in which your iPad apps would be found are one quarter, one half and three quarter. Interestingly, if these features get on board, it will prove to be good for the iPad and you as a user.

Biometric Scanning All-Inclusive

Remember biometric scanning, that was introduced with iOS7? Well that was surely limited in its scope. You could use the scanning to get past the home screen and login as well as to enter the iTunes store. But, things have definitely changed with iOS8. You would find that biometric scanning would have increased its scope with this new operating system. You don’t need to lock your apps with passwords anymore. All that can be handled with biometric scanning which will provide more security. All the payment gateways, shopping sites etc. are probably going to include your biometric finger print as a way to operate instead of asking you for passwords. This way the world of cyber would be a bit safe.

iCloud with iOS 8

iOS 8 has come up with a tough competition to Google driveDropbox etc. file sharing services with its iCloud Drive. Till date you probably never realized that you would want to share or save some things on your iCloud. But, lately things have changed. You would probably love saving it to the iCloud drive which is amazing and totally in sync with your needs. Of course the limit is 5GB, and anything over that would require you to pay.

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Find my iPhone

Lost your precious iPhone? Locating is going to be easy with iOS8 installed in your phone. With iOS8 the Geolocation capabilities of the feature find my phone has been enhanced. You can now receive the last location of your phone which is eventually backed up in your iCloud, in case the battery has been drained. You will see that the Geolocation detects the exact location, including the fact whether it is between the cushions or something else. Real time tracking is an amazing feature that would be launched along with iOS8.

So, basically it is indeed an operating system filled with amazing share and find features. This OS is one to look out for just for its features. If you are looking for iOS application development and need right partner to help you in design and development of app for iOS, Contact IndianAppDevelopers.

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