Android L: From the Developer’s Perspective

Google did finally launch the latest Android version during its I/O conference. The new version is plainly named Android L. Alas! This version did not get another food’s name making you crave for it. Jokes apart, this new version it seems has taken off from where Android’s Kitkat version left off.

Well, Android has certainly not revealed what that “L” stands for, but it has definitely revealed some of the amazing features that it would carry with it.Here’s all that you wish to know about Android L and that too from the developer’s point of view. It is definitely going to be an amazing view.

A Better Design

It’s been revealed that the new Android L would have a splendid design interface. Previous Android versions have been blamed of a cluttered design. Android L would have a clean and clutter free design making it splendid for the developers. Google, during the conference, assigned the word "Material Design" with this feature. It will include bright colors and on screen software related buttons making it easier for operation. Tips for new users in the form of visual signs are going to make this design an instant hit with the people. Unlike previous Android versions where a lot of people still get confused, you will have a less confusing design element with this version of the OS.

Accessing Project Volta

Just how bad would it be when you decide to operate your phone, and realize the battery is dead? You really would not want such a thing to happen if allowed. This is why Google started working on the Project Volta. This project’s main purpose was to ensure longevity of the battery without making developers’ get into the skin of in depth coding. After gaining success with Google Nexus 5, Android L will be able to support this project for developers. So now increasing battery life does not involve any sort of coding.

The Heads up Notification

It is interesting to note that notifications were something that Android had neatened up before any other OS could even work on it. Earlier the low down notifications were something that Android gave way to when your home screen is locked. But, they could pose to be a trouble especially when you are running a game. But, now things have changed. Your notifications are all head up. So, while you do receive notifications, you won’t be disturbed in your play and that’s a guarantee. For developers this one would be an interesting piece of work. So, get set with heads up notifications menu work for all the apps that you will be creating.

Smart”ness” in Unlocking

Yes, now the smart word has been associated with unlocking the phone too. What used to be another tedious task can be achieved in a smart way with the all new Android L. Let’s say you want your phone to know you are at home, and then you can do it if it has the Android L OS. In fact with this new OS, you can even log into your Chromebook automatically. Once that happens, you can read messages, see the battery low sign and read other data you receive on your phone using the Chromebook. So basically you don’t need to unlock, and you are using the phone too. Isn’t that a great deal!

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Increased Multitasking

With the advent of too many devices and apps, the habit of multitasking stays with us. For developers to provide ease of multitasking, all you need to provide is depth when you are creating an app or something on the Android L. If you have files in cabinet like system incorporated, using this system users can access their lot. It’s an improvement from the previous multitasking varieties but is still messy in case you decide to use just too many of the features at a time.

Search with Google

It should be refined to smart search with Google. With Android L, you will see that if any app is relevant to you, it will automatically open up. This has more to do with intuition than anything else. You will see that the search has become intuitive and figurative. So if you have accessed an app long time back, you would find Google opening it up whenever there is something new for you.

As of now no release date has been tagged to Android L version. The I/O definitely released the developer version for apps and further development. But, it is planning to launch the consumer version soon too.

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